The Washington Nationals are set to clash with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on May 10, 2024, with the first pitch scheduled for 7:10 PM under an expected overcast sky.

Starting pitcher Patrick Corbin will lead the Nationals on the mound, carrying a 6.451 ERA. In contrast, Josh Winckowski will represent the Red Sox with a 3.329 ERA.

In the National League East division, the Nationals hold the 8th spot with a balanced 14-14 record, reflecting a .500 win percentage. They are ranked 4th within their division thanks to a 5-2 record against division rivals. Their recent performance has been solid, with 6 wins out of their last 10 games, and they currently enjoy a four-game winning streak. The Nationals’ record splits demonstrate a 4-8 at home and 10-6 on the road, boasting 9 victories in day games against 5 in night games. Their run differential is quite close, having scored 117 runs and conceded 122.

On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox are placed 7th in the American League East standings, with a 16-13 record indicating a .552 win percentage. They rank 3rd in their division, struggling with a 0-3 divisional record. Similar to the Nationals, the Red Sox have captured 6 wins in their last 10 matchups and are currently on a two-game winning streak. Their home record is 5-8, but they have performed better on the road with an 11-5 tally. Regarding day versus night games, they have won 9 and 7 respectively. Offensively, the Red Sox have scored 139 runs and allowed 106.