On May 17, 2024, a promising baseball clash is set at Wrigley Field, starting at 2:20 pm, where the Pittsburgh Pirates will go head-to-head with the Chicago Cubs under scattered clouds. The pitching matchup features Paul Skenes from the Pirates, who holds an ERA of 6.750, against Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs, currently with an ERA of 10.038.

Currently, the Pirates rank 10th in the 2024 NL Central Division standings with a 20-25 record, reflecting a 0.44 winning percentage. They’ve shown modest success in divisional play at 3rd place with a 5-6 record. Despite having a slightly better performance in day games with 12 wins against 8 in night games, their recent form indicates a struggle with only 4 wins in the last 10 outings, although they come into this game with a win.

Conversely, the Cubs hold the 5th spot in the standings, boasting a healthier 25-20 record—a 0.56 winning percentage—with a 4-3 divisional record. Their recent performance mirrors the Pirates with 4 wins in their last 10 games and a current losing streak of 1. However, they perform notably better at home with a 13-7 record.

Betting enthusiasts will find intriguing odds for this matchup. The point spread is set at 1.5, favoring the Cubs slightly, reflecting their better standing and home advantage. The Over/Under for this contest is pegged at 8.0 runs, indicating expectations for a moderate scoring game. As for money line bets, the Away Team (Pirates) is at -116, suggesting a slight edge over the Home Team (Cubs) at -103, making this game a fairly even contest from a betting perspective.