On the evening of May 20, 2024, the Boston Red Sox are set to take on the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field under clear skies. The game will commence at 6:50 PM EST. Tanner Houck will lead the pitching for the Red Sox with a commendable ERA of 2.172, facing off against the Rays’ Taj Bradley who holds an ERA of 2.455. In the 2024 AL East Division standings, the Red Sox are currently 10th with a record of 23-24, displaying a winning percentage of .489 and a divisional record of 1-6. Despite their 4-6 performance over their last ten games, they hold a W1 streak with a 10-13 home record and a 13-11 away record. In contrast, the Rays are ranked 7th in the division with a 25-23 record, maintaining a .521 win percentage and 9-8 in division games. Their record over the last 10 games stands at 6-4, despite a recent loss. At home, they are 14-12, and away they balance at 11-11. The Rays have accumulated 198 runs while allowing 227, reflecting their offensive and defensive dynamics. The betting odds provide an intriguing insight: the point spread is set at 1.5, with an over/under of 7.5 runs. The money line slightly favors the Rays at -111, placing the Red Sox at -107, indicating a closely matched game that could swing either way. As both teams look determined, this matchup promises heightened competition and strategic plays influenced by their recent forms and standings.